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Thomas Cunningham's REALbasic Newbie + Examples ...


Here it is 2007 ....
I have been placing projects here since 2000. Many things have changed in Rb, but not the fun of programming. I am going to try and update these old projects to the 2K series. I am using Rb2007 Release 3 as of this writing. All of this is written on a Mac. I do not test for Windows, you're on your own.
For now, there will be old projects listed here, again, I'm trying to upgrade them. If you have Rb version 5.x, the older versions probably will run.
Feel free to bug me if you want any of these old projects upgraded.

Beginner Tutorial - Newbie Special

This is a tutorial I've written for someone who is new to programming and to REALbasic. The excellent tutorial that comes with RB was too advanced for me when I first started to program. I hope this will be helpful. I have not updated it to the 2K series yet, bug me.
** Beginner Tutorial For RB **
Freeware Programs - Macintosh

Send me an email to request non-nag version if you like any of these.

A Desktop Launch Utility
*** Drop N Launch ***

A Nice Game Of Hang Man Anyone ?
Also appropriate for the kids.
*** Hang Man ***

A Picture Puzzle Program to keep you busy.
Great for the kids !
*** Picture Blender ***

Need To Be Reminded Of An Important Event ?
Try This Basic Reminder Window .
*** Reminder Window ***


(1)The file archives available here require :Stuffit Expander

(2) Just to be clear. I am using OS X 10.4.x. Classic or OS 9 apps are not longer supported.

Update 05/08
-Updated 05/08
OpenGL projects now run on Rb8R2 - Added HangMan project
Update 08/03
- Added Gestalt project
Update 05/03
- Added One More OpenGL project
Update 04/03
- Added OpenGL project
Update 01/03
- General Site Update
- Added Face Catch and Spirograph
Update 09/02
- General Site Update

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Example Projects:


...... Aloha !! ......

Some basic info on these projects..... I have been learning to program with REALbasic (RB) since July 1999. Included here are some of my attempts at programming and learning some of the basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming design. I'm a programming hobbyist of the Mac and general programming ( I like HTML too!).
I am posting these to
1) promote a great Mac programming language and
2) hopefully help others who are learning to program and
3) because I'm excited and proud to get my iMac to do these tasks after many years of frustration.!

If you want to learn a beautiful and elegant way to program the Mac, buy REALbasic. I have tried a lot of programming applications with minimal success. RB gives you what you need to succeed, a powerful understandable tool. The "simple" pleasure of building your own stand-alone, double-clickable application is unique and rewarding.

I'm sincere about his, I get no reward or compensation from the company that creates REALbasic, REAL Software.

A wonderful new source of information is now available, The REALbasic Developers magazine. Published six times a year, this magazine is for beginners through advanced. And, yes, I did write the beginners column! Grab a subscription here:


This is an outstanding REALbasic source of up-to-date information. Tell editor Marc Zeeder MauiTom sent you!

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0 Hang Man ......
| Download Code | Updated 07/2007 * Original - 04/2000

The venerable old game of Hang Man. Shows how to draw and introduces concepts of how a game can be controlled. The arrays used to break up the word in to its component letters should be a helpful introduction to arrays.
Hang Man

0 MacScrambled Eggs! ....
| DownLoad Application |
| Download Code | Updated 07/2007 * Original - 04/2000

This program was written for my daughter so she can send "secret" encryptic messages between her friends and me. You type a message, scramble it up and send it to a friend via email or floppy disk. The other person needs a copy of the program too and they decode it on their computer .... Just for FUN!
I wouldn't trust the encryption with national security secrets :-), but it will keep your folks guessing and it did take me awhile to 'get it right' . A hidden window stores the variables of the letter swaps.
0 Learn Gestalt and Memoryblocks
| Get Code Here ... | 08/03picture

This project retrieves information about the users computer, like physical RAM size and keyboard type. Follows the Apple guidelines for the Gestalt functions. The pdf file is included. Uses Declares and Memoryblocks. Not really *fun* like the OpenGl stuff below, but a good learning exercise never the least. :^)

0 Another OpenGL Project
| Code Is Here ... | 05/08picture

OpenGL is a The vendor-neutral, multi-platform graphics standard for high performance 2D/3D graphics ( This project features The OpenGL010 Folder with associated classes. See next listing for credits.
This is another site I found on the net that has tutorials about OpenGl. At: Similar to the project listed next. Pretty colors and pyramids huh!? You can use the arrow keys to move around the little scene. I've also included the C++ code that I adapted this from. Boy am I happy for REALbasic, so much easier!

0 OpenGL Classes
| Code Is Here ... | 05/08OpenGL

Updated. OpenGL is a The vendor-neutral, multi-platform graphics standard for high performance 2D/3D graphics ( This project features The OpenGL010 Folder with associated classes from:
Matthijs van Duin
John Balestrieri
No Plug-Ins! Probably the best site to learn about OpenGL is This project is a port of the first six lessons. It's fun stuff to play around with. Many thanks to John B. for sharing this with me. You can also go to the nehe site and get each one of the lessons I ported to RB. The web page author accepted my RB projects. I thought it was a shame to see all of the other programming languages represented and not our beloved RB!

0 Face Catch
| Code Is Here ... | 01/03facecatch

A silly little game where you try and click on a face that jumps around the screen. This is from a Windows game book I read.


0 Spirograph
| Code Is Here ... | 01/03spirograph

I was cruising the internet and found this cool site that explained how spirographs work. They had posted Java code, so I whipped this up, kind of fun! The site address is given credit in the Title of the window.

0 Enter Area Button
| Project Code Here | 09/02screen shot

This project sort of duplicates the behavior of a Netscape chat program button. It creates a Canvas styled button that changes as a user's mouse enters and exits the button. It appears to have a raised 3D appearance. It illustrates how you might use this technique to tell your user what a particular icon does or is used for, by using the OS X Help Tag property.

0 Transparent Drawing
| Project Code Here | 08/02screen shot

This project shows how to draw transparent rectangles and text with shadows. Many games use this technique to look cool and groovy in their preference windows. Transparency definitely looks cool. It also demonstrates how to use your own extended classes. You will need to select a "picture1" from your own hard drive to use as a background picture.

0 Three Windows
| Project Code Here | 08/02

This project shows how to deal with passing and using information that you request from your user. As the title indicates, there are three dialog windows that ask the user to enter a number to be used by the program. Illustrates how to store this information in a "global" module. The code is well commented.

0 GPS Calculations
| Project Code Here | 11/2001

Some more math for you. I have been writing a program that takes Global Positioning System data and drawing to a map to help me and my crew on our sailboat (J/24). This was some of my initial information gathering on the subject of longitude and latitude. It shows how to incorporate a module in your projects and how to manipulate numbers.

0 Math Draw A Circle
| Project Code Here | 11/2001

This project is a math drawing project. REALbasic comes with a built-in class that draws circles. This just shows how you can draw a circle *from scratch* (lines too). Dust off your trigonometry books (or buy a new one) and familarize yourself with Sine and Cosine. After all, computers and programming is just one big exercise in math. Don't forget that the functions that REALbasic uses for Trig are in *radians* not degrees. You can compare this drawing method to RB's, very close!
A Math Circle

0 Learn To Scroll
| Download Code | 11/2000

This project is a learning exercise that revolves around the concept of scrolling. I had another project where I wanted to put a lot of pictures in to a window. The problem was they would not all fit, so I needed the window to scroll down to show them. It seemed easy enough at first, but in order to scroll something in your window, other than say a list box which already has this ability " built-in" to the class, you have to redraw it. This code is thoroughly documented. So if you want to learn how to use the SrollBar Class of RB and a few other little goodies, look no further.

0 ShowMe Polygon Points
| Download Code | 08/2000

If you draw to a window or canvas, versus placing a predrawn PICT, you will end up with an application that will run much faster and have a much smaller memory footprint. This Application I wrote to help with the DrawPolygon and FillPoygon Methods of the Graphics class. It takes some of the guesswork out of pixel placements. It is very crude, but useful. :-)

0 Stones Game ......
| Download Code | 01/2000

Inspired and adapted from Interplay's "Learn To Program Basic", like HangMan above. I managed to figure out a "class" that can be used to draw the stones.
It has a nice beginning window that lets the users put in their names and then decides who goes first. Uses some of the object oriented design suggestions raised by Matt Neuburg's book.

0 Learn List Box ......
| Download Code | 01/2000

The list box has a lot of abilities, and I still find it a bit confusing. This one window project lets you see how changing the properties of the list box works.
It's not a very elegant interface, but as I plowed through the reference material, I just added more and more to the window. It helped me.

0 Draw The Line......
| Download Code | 08/1999

Should be easy enough to figure out.... The colors are drawn using the RGB parameters. This stands for Red, Green and Blue. They can go from zero (no color) to 255 (maximum). It helped me to see how the computer "mixes" color. Can you make the line orange? Black? White? The length and height adjustments refer to "pixels". The computer screen is made up of small dots (pixels) and you tell the computer how many of these to use to "draw the line". Frankly, it took me forever to code this simple task!
draw the line

0 Orthographic Projection .. | Download Code | 04/2000

Remember beginning drafting ? You draw side, end and top views to define a three dimensional box. This is another step for me and learning to draw with RB. I wonder how those OpenGL 3D games get the textures to follow their shapes (walls) ?
Screen Shot



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