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Introduction to REALbasic for the Mac

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Lesson 3: Our House Components ...
by Thomas J. Cunningham

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Getting to Know REALbasic ...
3. Launching REALbasic.

Launch RB by double clicking its icon.

Hit Command-R. (Or Debug / Run under the Menu Bar)
What you have is a fully operable Mac program that does absolutely nothing !!!

screen shot
Click On Photo To Enlarge.

So what you say? Well it took hundreds of line of code to get to this "nothing" stage. Look carefully though, you see a window that's titled "untitled", you see a menu bar at the top and if you choose "File", you will see "Quit" or Command-Q. The other three windows you see are part of RB. If you build this do nothing application, you will only see the one "untitled" window.
So RB has built a shell of a program for you already. RB has built your plain vanilla "house" for you. You are free now to make your house look, behave and feel the way you would like it to. For a beginner, this is VERY cool. Believe me, it takes a 300+ page book to explain how to accomplish this with C++.
However, be aware that with this programming freedom to design, there also comes some responsibility in maintaining your program design. Do you really want to live in a purple house with pink stripes? Do you really want to put that garage over there? Like a well designed estate, most successful and useful computer programs adhere to certain protocols on how to implement tasks, like a nice comfortable custom home, the Mac way. Visit the Apple site and find the nitty gritty details on what Apple considers proper design and user interface guidelines.Apple Developer L:ink
Lets take our analogy a little further........
One of the facts that is really driven home, when you decide to program a computer, is how truly dumb they are! As the years have passed, computers know more and more (through improved Operating System software), but you really have to dumb yourself down when you start to to program because you have to tell them everything ! In to this mix, you have to anticipate what your users will do with what you present to them through your
User Inteface.
Programming is its own language and you need to learn and become familiar with this language. If you go to France, you need to know a little French. If you want to go to Apple Land, you need to learn REALbasic! I program as a hobby and since this is not my day to day livelihood, I always stumble over the terms and concepts used in RB and the overall subject of computer science in general. But not to worry! You don't have to know it all to enjoy and use RB. For those of you who have some programming experience, you will find success in a fairly short amount of time. For the rest of us fools, we need to start with the words or terms that RB programmers use to complete their understanding of the process of getting our machine to do what we want.

On To Chapter Four ...


Your REALbasic (RB) Learning Library

- Be sure and use the RB WebRing on the internet. If you go to my RB samples page (listed under the contents to the left) and scroll to the bottom, you will see the WebRing links. The RB community is full of people who proudly post there RB projects. Use it!

- Apple of course has tons of help for developers of Mac programs.Apple Developer L:ink

- User Interface
How someone interacts with your program seems easy and almost trivial. It is anything but trivial, in fact it is down right hard to get it right. How and what items you place in your program defines your User Interface.


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